If you have completed one of the challenges listed below, you are in the right place!

Scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the button and upload your evidence.  

  1.  Write your Scout Group name in Morse code
  2. Using BSL, finger spell your name
  3. Take a picture of yourself camouflaged in plain sight
  4. Build a tower using newspaper/magazines
  5. Make a stop motion showing a Scout Value
  6. Dress up as a Knight
  7. Do something upside-down
  8. Make a short video to teach others a Scouting Skill
  9. Re-enact an iconic/your favourite movie moment
  10. Make a raft in the bath - make a floating vessel out of things from your recycling bin
  11. Egg drop challenge
  12. Make and throw a paper airplane as far as you can
  13. Make a flag of St George as large as possible using household items
  14. Create 'Trash Flash' outfit from carrier bags/bin bags or anything from your recycling
  15. Learn the Scout promise from another country
  16. Tie six different knots in one length of string/rope  

I'm afraid that the challenges have now finished so you can no longer upload your images.  But why not have another go or challenge your friends?