Bug Hotel

For the bug hotel you will need:

3 empty tin cans or the bottoms cut off sturdy plastic drinks bottles
Packing tape or sellotape and scissors; or super glue, or silicone
3 different natural materials for your bugs to hide in such as: Dead wood, Tree bark, Pinecones, Small stones, Twigs, or chopped up garden canes 

Dragon Pencil Pot

Have fun making this dragon pencil holder!

To make the pencil holder you will need:
A toilet paper tube
Paper of different colours (I used 2 different greens, orange, a little piece of red and a very small piece of white
Sticky tape
Black marker pen or felt tip pen

St George's Day Sheild 

To make the St George’s day shield you will need:

A piece of A4 white paper (or bigger if you wish to make a large shield)
A piece of card (a cereal box is ideal)
Pens and pencils
A shield shape template (or draw yourself)
Sticky tape
You can download a template for your shield by clicking the button below