St George's Day Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

The Hunt Rules!

1) You have 1 hour 30 minutes to take photos of the items listed
2) You must visit these places, not pinch a photo from Google!
3) You must be in the picture (or at least a bit of you). A view from the back or a hand holding your Scout Scarf / necker could be used by those not able to be in a shared picture.
4) Once you have all 15 Pictures (or run out of time), return home and send the photos to us, using the link below.

You can download the list HERE

  1. St. George(s) Road, Street, Avenue, Mews, Square etc (or use your imaginations if there’s none of these near you. 
  2. A Red and White House
  3. Treasure – A Building (Bank for example)
  4. Place of Knowledge
  5. Scout Hut 
  6. Photo in your Uniform 
  7. Photo in your Tent or Den 
  8. Place of Worship 
  9. Red Rose 
  10. A Blue Plaque  
  11. A building dated as close to 1907 as possible 
  12. A Dragon 
  13. Fleur de lis  
  14. Horse 
  15. Coat of Arms  

I'm afraid that the scavenger hunt has now finished so you can no longer upload your images.  But why not have another go or challenge your friends?